Mobile App & Desktop Access

Access and manage all your files directly via mobile, tablet or desktop.

To access your account via WebDav follow the instructions for your chosen device. Most WebDav clients are supported however we recommend you use the suggested ones below to ensure the best possible experience.

Access Details

  Please register for an account above to gain access to WebDav.

Use the 'Webdav Access Url' above in any of these clients to access your files. You'll also need to use your login username and password to authenticate access.

Note: For premium accounts, WebDAV access has a maximum upload file size of 5GB. To upload files larger than this, please use the web interface.

Desktop Clients

Operating System WebDav Client Usage
Windows CyberDuck Download and install CyberDuck. Launch the application and click 'Open Connection'. Set the dropdown as 'WebDAV HTTPS'. Set the Access Server as just the part of your WebDav path and enter your username/password in the provided field. Click More Options and input the path to WebDav, i.e. /webdav. Click 'Connect'. You should see your account files listed within CyberDuck.
Mac OS X Built In Client Mac OS X has excellent support for WebDAV built right into the operating system. To connect to a WebDAV server on Mac OS X, open Finder > Go > Connect to Server. Type the WebDav address above in the Server Address field and input your login details when prompted.
Ubuntu Nautilus (Built in File Manager) Open Nautilus. Press keys ALT-L to show the top location bar. Type davs:// into the top location bar. Provide your username and password on the popup.

Mobile & Tablet Clients

Operating System WebDav Client Usage
Android CX File Explorer Download and install the applicaton on your device. Launch the application and click "Network," then select "New location". Select "Remote," then WebDAV. Enter the access url above and your account username and password.
Apple IOS (iPhone/iPad) WebDAV Navigator Download and install the app. Open it and press '+' to setup the connection. Set the name, server url (detailed above) and your username and password. Click 'save'. To connect click on the new WedDAV item listed on the main screen.

Keep in mind that these are only recommended apps. There could be better ones out there. As long as the app properly supports WebDAV protocol, you should be able to access the files on your account.