Child Abuse Policy

There are strict laws in place to protect children from any form of abuse. If you discover child exploitation material anywhere on the internet, it is your duty to report immediately so that such materials can be removed and distributors of such materials can be reported to authorities. Children must be protected.

MawCloud has a zero-tolerance policy regarding reports relating to child explicit imagery or other illegal content uploaded onto our service; as such if there is anything discovered within this category, report them to promptly for swift action before things get worse than they need be.

Reporting to our advertising partners or web host will delay action and impede our established procedure for removing such content and reporting offenders. Please, be aware that failure to pass along timely notification to us could lead to criminal charges against yourself should evidence prove distribution was allowed unwittingly by your knowledge.

Reported content will be referred to Cybertipline for investigation, with whom MawCloud will cooperate to help identify the uploader(s).

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information about the types of content which MawCloud does not permit.