• Is using this service really free?

    Yes, you don't need to pay as uploading and download services are provided free for registered and unregistered users. However, we do offer premium accounts for users who desire more flexibility, better speed, and an ad-free experience among other benefits.

  • Will my files be removed or deleted after some time on the server?

    Temporary account files are only kept for 30 days. This is why we encourage registration. Registered free account files are kept for 60 days. For active Premium accounts, files are kept for unlimited days. However, this does not imply that we encourage using our service for cold storage.

  • How many files am I allowed to upload?

    As long as each of your files adheres to our terms of service and the maximum upload file size defined on this page, you can upload as many files as you want. However, there is a cap on the number of daily uploads to prevent abuse.

  • Are there restrictions on allowed file types?

    You are allowed to upload the following file types: ai, c, coffee, cpp, css, diff, doc, docx, eps, htm, html, java, js, json, less, markdown, md, mdown, mkdn, odt, pages, pages, pdf, php, ppt, pptx, ps, psd, py, rb, sass, scss, sh, sql, svg, tiff, txt, vb, xhtml, xls, xlsx, xml, xps.

  • Is there a limit to the size of each uploaded file?

    For a non-registered temporary account, each file uploaded must be less than 512 MB. For a registered free account, the maximum upload file size is 100 MB. For premium accounts, we allow a maximum file size of 10 GB. If your file is greater in size than the specified limit, your file will be rejected.

  • Are users allowed to upload music or videos?

    We allow our users to upload music and videos so far they own the copyright to such content. Also, such media files must adhere to our terms and conditions. Be sure to go through our terms before registering.

  • There are some copyright-protected files on this server. How do I notify you to get them removed?

    Please read our DMCA policy or check our abuse report page.