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5 – DHS 7- Case Study – Responsibilities of a care worker

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2.3 – Work in line with agreed ways of working (Read the case study below and write your answer on a Word document)

Case study: Scenario

Mary is a carer to Joe in a rest home. Mary comes on shift and is told by another resident that Joe’s visitors have taken him out for a trip in the car. Mary finds out that the visitors have not informed anyone of this, nor have they signed Joe out. This is against a Health and Safety requirement of the setting.

Describe how you would deal with this situation if this happened in your setting, ensuring you are following the correct policies and procedures.

If I were in this situation, my first priority would be to ensure safety and well-being of Joe. I would immediately report the incident to my supervisor, following the correct policies and procedures for reporting incidents. I would also speak to the other resident who informed me of the situation to gather any additional information they might have.

Next, I would try to locate Joe and his visitors to confirm their whereabouts and ensure that they are safe. If I am unable to locate them, I will escalate the matter to the appropriate authorities, such as the police or social services, for further assistance.

I would also document the incident thoroughly in the appropriate records, including any actions taken and any relevant information gathered. It is important to follow the correct policies and procedures in these types of situations to ensure that the proper steps are taken to protect the safety and well-being of the individuals in our care.

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