Our Stand on Academic Integrity

Our Commitment

At MawCloud, we believe in empowering students to reach their full potential through the innovative capabilities of artificial intelligence. However, we also have an unwavering commitment to academic integrity and upholding the highest standards of honest educational practice.

Transparent AI Tools

Our AI-powered study tools are designed to be powerful aids that augment your skills and understanding, not to replace your own work or deceive others. We develop our tools with full transparency about their AI nature and explicitly instruct them against engaging in any academically dishonest behavior.

Maintaining Authorship

When using our AI study tools, you remain in complete control over how the AI-generated content is incorporated into your assignments. The tools provide suggestions, analyses, drafts, and other supplemental materials to facilitate your learning process. However, you are responsible for reviewing, editing, and finalizing any AI-assisted work to ensure it accurately reflects your own authentic voice, ideas, and comprehension of the subject matter.

Ethical AI Innovation

We believe the ethical use of AI can tremendously enrich the academic experience by streamlining tasks, illuminating complex concepts, and sparking creative thinking. At the same time, it is crucial that you maintain ownership over your educational journey and uphold integrity in all your scholastic efforts.

A Culture of Accountability

Our mission is to foster a culture of accountability and intellectual honesty. We expect all users of our website to comply with the academic integrity policies of their respective institutions as well as universal standards of ethical scholarly conduct.

The Future of Learning

Embrace the future of learning with MawCloud where cutting-edge AI capabilities are harnessed responsibly to maximize your potential as a student while preserving the fundamental values of academic integrity that are so vital to the pursuit of knowledge.