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5 – Unit 80 Supporting infection prevention and Control in Social Care

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1.1 Explain how infection prevention policies and guidelines can be applied in own work setting

As far as my work setting is concerned, I fully understand the importance of infection prevention and must adhere to policies and guidelines as part of my job. In order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination within our facility, I follow strict hand hygiene protocols and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when treating patients. I always ensure that there is adequate soap and water available for staff members so that everyone can properly wash their hands after contact with patients or other potentially infectious materials. Additionally, any contaminated medical equipment is disposed of safely according to the infection control procedures set forth by our organisation.

I also actively practice environmental cleaning techniques, such as wiping down surfaces like doorknobs or countertops with a bleach solution at least once per day or more often if needed due to heavy patient traffic through those areas. This helps prevent bacteria from spreading around our facility, which could lead to an outbreak situation among both staff members and patients alike if left unchecked. Furthermore, while in contact with infectious agents during treatment processes and throughout my workday, I always use gloves and other necessary protective gear to minimise the risk of disease transmission.

As part of my job responsibilities, I regularly monitor all personnel within our facility for signs and symptoms of any communicable diseases or illnesses that may have been acquired in an outside environment. Any such cases must be reported to the Infection Control Coordinator, and the appropriate steps must be taken to contain them effectively and quickly before they spread further among our staff members or patients.

These are just a few ways that I apply infection prevention policies and guidelines on a daily basis while performing my duties as a healthcare professional at this facility. By adhering to these safety protocols, it helps ensure everyone’s well-being from both an individual standpoint and from protecting others around us against potential pathogens, which could lead to otherwise preventable infectious diseases if left unchecked for too long without proper precautions being taken by staff members like me onsite during regular operations throughout each day.

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