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13 – HSC CM2: Human Growth and Development

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1.1. Identify the life stages of human development.

  1. Infancy
    Infancy is the earliest stage of life, from birth to about two years. At this age, babies are learning to develop their physical and mental abilities; however, they are very dependent and rely on parents or caregivers for almost everything. Emotional skills such as bonding with parents also develop at this time. Language development starts from infancy. The child would learn to crawl and move around at this stage.
  2. Childhood
    Childhood is the period from early infancy through adolescence, which is usually from age three to ten. It is a time of major physical and mental growth and development. At this time, language development progresses, and emotional maturity continues. The child learns the concept of right and wrong at this stage.
  3. Adolescence
    Adolescence is the period of life from late childhood through early adulthood, typically from ages 11 to 17. During this time, teens go through puberty, which is a time of major physical changes. They also experience many social and emotional changes.
  4. Early adulthood
    Early adulthood is the period of life from early adulthood, typically from ages 18 to 29. During this time, young adults continue to develop physically and mentally. They also begin to establish themselves professionally and personally.
  5. Middle adulthood
    Middle adulthood is the period of life from middle adulthood, typically from ages 30 to 60. During this time, people reach their physical and mental peaks. They also begin to experience some changes related to ageing.
  6. Late adulthood
    Late adulthood is the period of life from late adulthood, typically from ages 60 and up. At this age, people begin to experience more profound changes related to ageing. They may also face new challenges, such as retirement and declining health.

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  • 1.2. Describe social, emotional, cognitive and physical developments within each life stage.
  • 2.1. Describe theories of human growth and development.
  • 3.1. Explain significant life events that can occur within each stage of human development.
  • 3.2. Analyse the impact that significant life events have on individuals.

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