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2 – Reflective Account- Promote equality and diversity in care settings

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Reflective Account- Promote equality and inclusion in care settings

Using Gibbs Reflective Cycle, I will provide a reflective account of my experience as a health and social care worker in demonstrating dignity, supporting equality, diversity and inclusion, exhibiting empathy, courage, and compassion, and working in a way that respects individuals’ beliefs, culture, values, and preferences.


I was recently working with a client who had been diagnosed with a progressive degenerative disease and required an extensive level of care and support. The client in question came from a culture with different values, beliefs, and perspectives than my own. As such, I needed to ensure that their cultural sensitivities were respected while providing appropriate care for the individual. This meant it was necessary for me to be aware of the unique needs that this particular person had due to their background – something which I did through direct conversations with both the patient themselves as well as members of their family or friends where possible.

To provide optimum levels of respect whilst giving adequate care and support according to these varying cultural contexts, I worked closely alongside them throughout all stages of treatment to make sure they received personalised assistance explicitly tailored around what they desired most when managing this illness daily. This included aspects such as making adjustments within diet plans where……

Learning outcomes covered in the full document:

For this task, you are working towards unit criteria 3.1 and 3.2. You are required to write a reflective account how you promote diversity, equality and inclusion at work. Be sure to cover the following:

  • Model inclusive practice
  • Support others to promote equality and rights

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