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4 – Reflective Account- Responsibilities of a care worker

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Reflective Account (Responsibilities of a care worker)


In my role, I am constantly aware of the need to adhere to relevant statutory standards and codes of practice for my role and ensure compliance with regulations and organisational policies. This involves leading others by example so that these requirements can be met. Also, confidentiality must be maintained at all times, which requires a lot of patience when handling information about residents within our organisation.

In addition, collaboration is critical as it allows us to work together with other people or organisations in the interests of those receiving care from us; this helps build better relationships as well as promote positive experiences for them through quality assurance processes involving colleagues both inside and outside the organisation.

Furthermore, I must develop skills around conflict resolution to demonstrate effective partnership working while also accessing appropriate advice on how best to resolve conflicts should they arise.

Concrete Experience

The substantial experience comes from an incident recently when I was working with a resident in our care home. The resident had recently been admitted to us and needed extensive help as he struggled to cope on his own, given that he had just come from an acute setting due to medical needs; we were also aware of the need for confidentiality when dealing with personal information about this patient so as not to breach their rights or affect how they felt while staying in our facility.

The incident occurred one day when my team and I noticed that the resident’s medication dosages weren’t right – it seemed like something was amiss either at their previous location or here, but without concrete proof or any further insight into what could be causing this issue we couldn’t take steps accordingly. It didn’t seem safe to leave them under these conditions until some form of diagnosis could be made by a doctor, yet every step towards achieving such would involve breaching confidential information, which posed ethical…

Other LOs covered in the reflective account:

  • [3] Relevant statutory standards and codes of practice for their role
  • [7] How to lead and support others to ensure compliance with regulations and organisational policies and procedures
  • [13] Their own, and other workers’ responsibilities for ensuring confidential information is kept safe
  • [28] How to work with other people and organisations in the interest of the person being supported
  • [19] Lead and support others to keep information safe, preserve confidentiality in accordance with agreed ways of working
  • [2.2] Access full and up-to-date details of agreed ways of working
  • [2.3] Work in line with agreed ways of working
  • [2.4] Contribute to quality assurance processes to promote positive experiences for individuals receiving care
  • [3.2] Demonstrate ways of working that can help improve partnership working
  • [3.3] Identify skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts
  • [3.4] Access support and advice about:
    a • Partnership working
    b • Resolving conflicts

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