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6 – DHS3 – Promote personal development in the care setting

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1.1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role

My role as a carer is to provide support and assistance to individuals with physical or mental disabilities, illnesses or old age. This could involve helping them with everyday tasks like getting dressed and washing. I also ensure that they have access to appropriate healthcare services as needed.

I assist clients in taking their prescribed medications on time according to their medical plan, which may include preparing medication for the day ahead of time and assisting them in taking the doses at the right times throughout the day. Additionally, I can help monitor any changes in symptoms or health conditions by monitoring vital signs, such as temperature and pulse rate, if instructed by an overseeing medical professional.

My role includes providing companionship during meals – making sure that dietary requirements are being met according to the client’s personal preferences where possible; encouraging participation when shopping for food items; checking expiration dates on food items/packages; and helping make healthy meal choices when necessary – among other things related managing nutrition intake correctly. In addition, I provide support with housekeeping duties such as light cleaning and laundry, assist in managing bills, organise medications or other medical supplies and accompany the clients on errands or to recreational activities.

It is also my responsibility to ensure that the client feels safe at all times – providing emotional support when needed – whilst being sensitive to their personal boundaries. Moreover, I strive to maintain a healthy living environment by ensuring that any special equipment used for their care (such as wheelchairs) is well maintained in accordance with standards set by local authorities; additionally, conducting regular checks on food hygiene levels within the home if required.

I have to create a supportive atmosphere where individuals feel respected while providing assistance that respects both independence and dignity at all times, enabling them to reach maximum potential despite any disabilities they may have while promoting safety during daily routines.

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